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The Real Way to Gain Speed and Agility

They say “speed is all about genetics”


They say “speed cant be built upon”


But that’s a lie and I’m here to prove them wrong


But first, my name is Kenneth Vidato Jr.


And over the past few years, I’ve studied the best track coaches and team sport speed coaches.


Worked with some of the best of the best athletes…


And tested and tweaked different speed training methods...


…Until I finally figured out a simple, effective, and repeatable way to get explosive speed for any sport!


It comes down to 3 Pillars of Speed Development.

IMG_3457 (1).JPG

Below I’m going to share:

 A step by step system for sprinting faster than the average athlete.


 How to sprint 3 MPH faster.


 A simple and effective shift you can make to build 3x the speed… Every time you hit the ground


…So you can get results quickly (and make up for time you may have wasted on methods that just don’t work).


Once again,

My name is Kenneth Vidato Jr.


For the past 2 years, I have dedicated my life to helping athletes increase their athletic potential and physical development into becoming better athletes.


During that time I've helped athletes increase their speed for

certain sports, go from the bottom 3 to the top 3 fastest on their team, go from team B to team A, increase their overall athletic ability and dominance on the field.



In all, I give all the credit to the athletes I've worked with for showing up even when it was one of those days.


Before we get to the main point, I want to be extremely clear on what Performance Training is all about.


I do not teach sport specific skills training but rather enhance those skills with speed and quickness.


For example,

  1. Football player increasing cutting ability for quick jukes

  2. Baseball player increasing batting power for big hits

  3. Basketball player increasing lateral movement for lockdown defense


Each and every training session I aim to unlock athletes full potential


This is what wakes me up and I love doing this job


When I see an athlete who had all the odds stacked against him finally get the playing time, they wanted…


That works for any athlete in any sport.

Here’s the reality.


There is no best exercise or drill that will get the explosive speed your child desires.


It’s all about programming, planning and a systematic approach for your child to achieve the speed they want.


Parents.. listen please, if you’re constantly copying drills you see on YouTube and Instagram and creating your own program for your child to help fulfill, you’re their sport specific needs is fine but its always the wrong approach.



These are the 3 Pillars required for explosive speed…


If you’re even missing one - you’re simply leaving speed & athleticism on the table.


Let me tell you this, this is not about what are the best drills to increase speed.



Lets get into then,


Speed Component #1



If you’ve ever wondered why your child would lift super heavy but it wouldn’t translate to speed here’s, why:


It’s all about relative force production.


Relative force production is the amount of force you can exert relative to your bodyweight.


The higher the better.


This is why I don’t advise any of my guys to lift weights super slow like powerlifters.


That slow and heavy technique will have you slow and heavy on the field, ask your child if I’m right.


When your child is able to improve relative force production, they:


  1. Produce more force every step which carries them down the field faster.


Now you’re probably asking how do we accomplish this.


This all comes down to strength training that directly transfers to the field and plyometrics.


We’ll get more into it later.


But for now, know that these methods take the strength you develop…


…And translate it to power & explosiveness.


So you can increase your relative force production AND overall speed.

IMG_4332 (1).JPG

Speed Component #2



There’s always those fast athletes who run 4.4 and below but cant translate that speed to game.


All sports require constant stop and go.


Stopping on a dime and reaccelerating.


This is what makes acceleration a key factor.


Whether you’re trying to fly by a defender on the basketball court on a fast break,


Get off the line explosively for an instant sack,


Or steal more bases…


Your acceleration mechanics are everything…


Acceleration gives you the ability to fly by your opponent within the first 3 steps.


Acceleration mechanics are made up of getting your stance correct, the start, and the amount of yards you gain the first 3 steps.


When athletes learn how to master those components there able to build there speed up instantly and you’ll see the separation created within seconds.


This creates more opportunities for athletes each play.

IMG_4366 (1).JPG

Speed component #3

Top Speed Mechanics


You can literally double your speed if you understand how changing from being backside dominant to frontside dominant.


Backside dominant athletes have that long legged swooping motion in the back which causes hamstring tears and lost force production.


Frontside dominant athletes are able to keep all their force in the front of the body and produce 3x the speed.


So if you’re unhappy with your top speed,


And your able to fix your top speed mechanics,


You’ll be in position to 3x your speed as well as play at a higher speed in game.


Last BONUS Component,



Whether you’re doing footwork drills through an agility ladder or jumping through hurdles of course you’re going to get better at the movement. You already know what’s coming! It’s predictable!





Agility is not just quickness.


It’s not changing direction,


Its not about quick feet,


Agility is change of direction combined with reaction.


The reaction can be heard or seen.


It’s not that simple though, so let’s get into how we break down the components to increasing game speed agility.




get very complex and advanced…


#1 Agility Mechanics


Just like we talked about needing proper speed mechanics to run faster,


Same goes with agility, you need the right mechanics to change directions quickly,


Without the proper foundational movement patterns, you will injure yourself eventually.


Why you ask?


Because you haven’t built the tissue tolerance and resilience of strong hips, knees, and ankles.


When kids see these grade A complicated movements done by trainers on Instagram they think “hey that looks cool let’s test this out”.


In reality those trainers never go in depth to what they did before they were able to tolerate those complex movements.


When you have a solid base of foundational movement pattern, you’ll be able to change directions fluidly and quickly, because you know how to decelerate, spend less time on the ground and reaccelerate to make a play on the field/court.


#2 Force Absorption and Production


To become agile and fluid on the field/court, you need to get a handle on your force.


The first part of force management is you must be able to absorb force.


Force absorption will help you decelerate quickly and efficiently as you can produce high amounts of force without losing it as you slow down to make a move on the field/court.


Next, you’ll need to build the ability to manage static force.


This static force is in the middle-called transition, when you’ve come to a full stop, and are about to change directions…


This happens extremely fast, and most athletes drop the ball with this because they aren’t able to maintain and redirect that force into the desired location thus losing out on high amounts of force production.


And last is acceleration, being able to produce those high amounts of force maintained in the previous phases and using it on their opponents.


For example, your son slowly breaking down to make a tackle and their opponent cuts left but because your son effectively trained their game speed he’s able to redirect those forces and make a tackle.


Most guys miss tackles because they can break down but can’t reaccelerate to make plays.


Sport is about who can produce the high amount of force in the shortest amount of time.


#3 Cognitive Conditioning


This last component of agility training works with the brain.


Here’s where we separate actual agility training from mindlessly running through ladders.


In this phase, we want to increase the speed at which your brain processes information and increase your reaction time.


This cognitive process can be improved by adding auditory drills and visual drills to change of direction training.


These types of drills also improve balance and coordination.


This phase of training is what most of the athletes I’ve trained love because everything is unpredictable just like in game situations.


This system of training is not memorization.



We focus on building your sports-specific game speed from the ground up, with the use of drills and exercises to build:


1)        Solid foundation of biomechanics


2)        Technical drills


3)        Sport specific drills


It’s no point in trying to memorize because you can’t memorize in game.


If you try, you will get beat and benched.


This style of agility training will help transfer to your sport such as:


1)        Football player juking defensive players from left to right

2)        Basketball player increasing lateral movement for elite defense

3)        Baseball player enhancing quickness for solid fielding


This works for any and all sports!

Most athletes act like to follow other athletes.



They want to do what the next athlete is doing, leading to an ultimate average athlete.


Hitting their predictable ladder drills


Running routes around predictable cones


The clock is ticking and before you know it senior year is here and yet they are still in the same spot as freshmen year.


Now you can keep doing what you’re doing, getting the same results.


You can try to piece what I said above up and try to program yourself.


Or you can opt in for a free training session to see what real game speed training is about.

…So you have a proven and repeatable system for getting the explosive speed that will help you dominate your sport…


…Whether you’re beating a DB to make a crazy grab…


…Exploding past a defender to get to the cup…


…Stealing more bases…


Or anything else…


Athletic Speed System is a proven system to help you do all of that.


And in a second, I’ll share all the proof of that…


But for now here's what you're getting inside Athletic Speed System…


Here’s What Athletes Like You Are Achieving With Athletic Speed System:


Here's How Athletic Speed System Will Get You Better Results Than ANYTHING You’ve Tried Before

The reality is…


Drills, fancy exercises, and “speed secrets” in isolation won’t turn the dial on your speed…


A step by step system will.


And that’s what you’re getting in Athletic Speed System…


A system built from hours and hours of in-field experience…


Years of observation & testing…


And even more time spent trimming all the fat.


But the reality is…


There are no secrets inside of Athletic Speed System...


No hidden wisdom,


No magic pills.


Everything inside of Athletic Speed System is knowledge that’s out there in the public.


The difference is that I’ve applied these methods practically. And more, I’ve plugged these methods into a progression that unfailingly unlocks the speed potential of athletes from all walks.


So while I could charge you my hourly rate for Athletic Speed System (which is well over 500)…

IMG_3398 (1).JPG

And So You Can Make a Worry-Free Decision, You’re Protected By:



Try the system for 30 Days. It works. But if for some reason you give it an honest, fair chance and you don’t increase your speed like I’ve promised, then I will give you back 100% of the money you paid.


I’ve tested this speed progression with dozens of athletes.


My athletes and I have experienced the magic this program is capable of firsthand…


So I’m 100% confident this program will work for you.


But if, for some weird reason you’re not happy with the program…


…The layout…


Or even the way I talk in the video…


I want you to be protected.


So don’t say yes to Athletic Speed System today…


Just say maybe…


And take Athletic Speed System for a 30-day test-drive…


A trial run…


And if you don’t absolutely love it…


Shoot me an email at, and I’ll get you taken care of.


But that’s unlikely.


Highly unlikely.


Because this program has created SWEEPING results for athletes of all ages and sports


Dont believe me ? Check out what others have to say.

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