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How Athletes Can Gain Explosive Speed In Less Than 90 Days


I want to introduce myself.


My name is Kenneth Vidato Jr.


In 2021, I got my start on being a Sports Performance Coach when I was training high school football kids at a local park working on speed and mechanics. After I was finished, I was approached by a parent who asked me for information and if it was possible to get his 9-year-old son faster.


I agreed and we started right away.


Every day after I got off my 9-5 job I went directly to the park and trained those kids.


That’s how my passion for helping athletes get faster and explosive was born.


When you see 10 or 40 times decreasing and decreasing by the month you know you’re doing something right as a coach.


And in my 2 years plus years of coaching young athletes, I’ve noticed some HUGE mistakes parents make when trying to get their young athlete faster.


These mistakes include jogging around a park, 20 second mindlessly running drills, or drills they randomly select off a video social media.


These mistakes will only take away from speed and explosiveness abilities.


When you run you create bad habits.

Sprinting happens when you lift your feet off the ground and bring it back to the ground to produce vertical force.

Believe it or not, running will make you slower.

If coaches tell athletes to do a whole sprint and jump workout, then jog 2 miles after you’re completely confusing the body on what it wants to produce.

Training is just like dosages of medicine.

Take too much and the worst can happen.

Athletes will not get better if they overwork. In fact, they get tired and moody.

And you don’t get the best performance when your kids are tired and moody.

Take little to moderate dosages to get the body to adapt and grow.

As kids get tired in the training session, they develop bad habits and mechanics which continue in the long run.

The best choice parents and coaches can make is to monitor their energy levels during the session for adequate performance.

We want explosive athletes not tired athletes. We don’t train for endurance. We train for speed and power.

Before we get started on how we teach speed here are the Key Performance Indicators of Speed.


Max Velocity (MPH)


Fly 10 – building up to max speed after 10 yard build up


Fly 30 – building up to max speed after 30 yard build up


10-yard dash – first 10 yards of acceleration.


40-yard dash – max speed


Without these important metrics you will never know if your child is getting faster.


Each session we time athletes to give them an indication of where they are at.


We’ve also seen athletes compete, give better effort and more interested in these measurements rather than throwing out drills and ending the session.


In speed we focus on Acceleration (first 10 yards) and Max Velocity (20+ yards)


In order to improve these metrics, we must focus on improving the athletes:

  • fast twitch recruitment

  • power output

  • fast twitch muscle fibers

  • acceleration

  • max velocity

  • mechanics

  • maximize ground force production


One thing we love to use is plyometrics to increase our horizontal force production in acceleration.


Plyometrics improves the SSC (Stretch Shortening Cycle)

This will decrease ground contact and improve force express.

The longer an athlete is on the ground the slower they are.

This is why plyometrics is important, they enhance the athlete’s ability to get off the ground ASAP.

This includes continuous jumps lasting within 5-6 seconds.

There is no reason we should be hitting jumps lasting 10-20 seconds when plays don’t even average out to last that long.

The average play is 5-6 seconds long and that’s exactly how we train here.

We benefit the athlete from exactly what they will experience in a game.

Next thing we use are Heavy/Light resisted sprints.

This will make the athlete have to work harder increasing their force production while maintaining their mechanics.

If the resistance is too heavy, you will often see athletes sever their mechanics, which is always the worst way to do things.

Lastly, we time our guys or even have them compete for better effort.

For example, if a dog is chasing you, I bet you’ll run faster, why?

Because effort and alertness of your life being on the line.

No, the athlete’s life isn’t on the line, but competition is what makes them stronger and more competitive.


For Max Velocity we normally hit these max sprints after a day off or an easy day.

What I mean is, to sprint fast athlete’s must absolutely be fresh.

Sprinting in a fatigued state will only increase endurance not speed.

We train max velocity by improving the athlete’s vertical force.

When you are sprinting past 20+ yards it’s all about vertical force, mechanics, and posture.

Miss one of these components and it can affect an athlete’s ability to produce max speeds.

Everything we do on this day is training in a vertical manner meaning our jumps are for height and we run upright at max speeds for 20+ yards lasting 4-5 seconds.

To make the training sessions even for fun we time our guy's sprints.

We yell out times and let the guys compete. This makes sure we are giving out max effort because no athlete likes to be the slowest guy on the field.

We don’t fatigue the athlete; we just activate the right muscular system that their training.

Here's what athletes and parents are saying about the speed and power system.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the results depending on the age of the athlete, I will gladly hand you your MONEY BACK.

Here’s how the guaranteed process works.

For ages 7-13, if your child trains with us for up to 6 months and for some reason doesn’t see results…. I will give you a refund and even better help them achieve their goal for free.

For ages 14-18, if your child trains with us depending on their sport and at the end of the offseason (typically 3-5 months) they haven’t seen an increase in their speed and quickness. I will also refund your money back.

In order for this guarantee to be effective you have to be available to all training sessions unless your schedule doesn't not allow you to (EMERGENCY).

The Athletes who show up 2/4 sessions a week DO NOT get results from my experience, only half work was put in, so half results were the result of that.

I am highly confident this program works based off of what our athletes and parents say so those actions won't be needed.


Now that we've discussed how this program works, you should understand...

Your child can be that player that's always making play after play or the player that's on the team but still wondering why they don't get playing time.

Imagine seeing your child always on the sideline or in the dugout just wondering when coach is going to call their name.

Thats not a good feeling.

Can you imagine how heartbreaking it can be to see your child lose their passion for sport because all the other athletes surpass them in athleticism?

Thats not a feeling a I would wish on any parent or athlete but with our proper programming and training approach, that mindset will completely be reversed.

If you’re willing to put in the extra effort it takes with each training session, performing jump training with intent, and following the speed drills we have in place this training approach will work wonders for you.


And I highly recommend that you take our Speed and Power system for a test drive.

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