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The Football Performance System to help increase game speed and quickness in one single offseason

Attention parents… It doesn’t matter:


How tall your child is.


How much your child weighs.


Because right now, I’m going to reveal that correct way to take action and get your child to gain that edge over other football athletes.


And honestly, this can help you close the gap between your child, guys bigger, faster, and stronger than your child.


This is what coaches and scouts look for these days.


And if you have this edge,


Coaches wont have a choice but to find a spot and have playing time for your child.


This is why so many of my football guys play multiple positions at any age.


Whether that be receiver then when its time to play defense they are staying on the field playing safety.


Coach wants them on the field because they make plays wherever they play.


And in the next few minutes, I’m going to share how we accomplish this task and give your child that advantage.


Before we get started let me introduce myself.

My name is Kenneth Vidato Jr.

For the past 2 years, I have dedicated my life to helping athletes increase their athletic potential and physical development into becoming better athletes.

During that time I've helped athletes increase their speed for

certain sports, go from the bottom 3 to the top 3 fastest on their team, and increase their overall athletic ability and dominance on the field.

In all, I give all the credit to the athletes I've worked with for showing up even when it was one of those days.

Before we get to the main point I want to be extremely clear on what Performance Training is all about.

I do not teach how football skills training but rather enhance those skills with speed and quickness.

But this begs the question…

Coaches have athletes lift 2-3x the weight than normal and with horrible form resulting in increased risk of injury.


Then, when athletes make mistakes coaches make them run 100 yards of belly flops, bear crawls or 50 up downs. Brutal right? I know because I’ve been there and its crazy.


This is the exact approach you don’t want because it blocks potential and creates overtraining and overstress.


Naturally talented athletes can get by but guys who must do the work will suffer.


This is because that style of training is extremely slow.


The average football play last around 4 seconds.


Main point is we don’t have time to be doing things that don’t make great transfer and impact to the field.


But when you’re training for raw strength, conditioning, and even speed , you’re child is not getting the full potential and missing out on key ytraining elements that transfer over.


But that’s okay its not your fault, there was just some missing pieces of the puzzle we can help you with.


All that’s needed is a change of approach.


You can gain a HUGE advantage while others waste their time running 100 yard sprints, ladder drills, and continue to hit 1 rep maxes which only crashes the nervous system not actually build strength.


So you’re wondering what skills are needed that you’ve been missing out on ?



Lets talk about it:



First step quickness is what allows athletes to zip the gap instantly and can play a big role in getting a step on your defender.


This serves football players anywhere on the field, no matter what position you play.


Slow players get left behind or at the very least get their spot taken. At highest levels like college and NFL even the big linemen have the quickness of your average high school receiver.


Football is a game of seconds, who can make the biggest impact in just a few seconds.


Some parents, coaches, and players might not even know they need quickness and when they see those crazy viral clips of guys doing the most just for some views they try that drill thinking it translates.


That’s how guys get hurt especially if they haven’t built the capacity to train for those advanced movements. But that’s okay because I’ll show you exactly how we accomplish that shortly.



Straight line speed is great but we should all know by now that football isn’t just running in a straight line by now. There’s going to be times where dangerous cuts must be made in order to make plays. This is game speed.


Game Speed gives athletes the ability to read and react to an offensive player.


Game speed is the athlete’s ability to react and respond in game.


This is changing direction in a short amount of time to make those big time plays.


And no, parents and coaches, we don’t accomplish this with ladder drills.


There is a time and place for that and game speed is not built on ladders, we’ll get to that point later.



If athletes don’t have game speed or quickness, that explosive ability gives a coach a place for football athletes.


When football players learn how to use this tool they can become dangerous.


This skill enhances that game speed


It enhances quickness.


Think if football athletes had all 3 in 1?


Dangerous right?

Now you’re asking…




There’s a reason these skills translate to on-field performance effortlessly.


It all comes down to how to well you can program and progress these drills.


And if you’ve ever watched my videos, you can see how basic I start to train my guys and as the season approaches things get more intense and reaction based compared to other trainers.


Other coaches have athletes do below parallel squats knowing that it doesn’t even translate to in game angles. And the squats are loaded with heavy weight and slow reps! This slow and heavy will have your child slow and flat footed on the field!


You also see ladder drills… Listen, ladder drills are fine but at some point athletes have to build some base of sticking and moving and ladder drills don’t provide that base foundation of cutting on the field. Ladder drills are for coordination, that’s it.



When you watch my videos…


You see my guys jumping over hurdles effortlessly on the ground less than a second building that explosiveness.


Getting done reaction drills and enhancing that quick step.


That is the difference in training.


This is why guys are on camera talking about how our style of training translated right to the game.



We hit the basics… I explain to them what the basics will do (building up resilancy and tissue tolerance for the long run)


Mastering those basics…


And then progressing to more advanced movements to enhance your skills.


With consistency and effort this leads to skills and performance that other players wish they had.


For example:


Our lateral line hops look extremely basic in most eyes and think of no carry over to the field.


However, this is our prime bread and butter movement. It’s key to building strong ankles that allows athletes to change directions in a split second.


And once an athlete builds there ankles sufficiently, we move to a more advanced movement.


Another example:


A broad jump.


You must be thinking wow, that’s it?


But it’s also critical for building that foundation of explosiveness that will give athletes an advantage on the field. Getting off the ground in a split second easily translates to the game.


Again, these movements give athletes that quick fast in a hurry like movmenet because football is a game a seconds. We want your athletes getting to point A to point B in a little time as possible.


Check this out thought,


The movements I mentioned are only foundational tools.


We build on that movement to a level 2 movement, and then level 3 movement.


The longer we work consistently on those movements, the more advanced and more game-specific these movements get.


And this leads me to:






I could show you all the movements I give my athletes.


I could show you EXACTLY how to perform them.


But your child would still lag off seasons behind.




Because the main key to my program isn’t about movements.


It’s about how and when to progress them.


Just like when you go to the gym to lift weights, in order to get stronger you must lift heavier.


In sports performance, athletes need to progress plyometrics, speed and agility drills to get quicker, faster, and more explosive on the field.


If athletes don’t have progressions, you’re behind.


You’re just throwing things at your kid and sit back and hope things work.


That’s exactly how athletes get injured if movements arrent planned properly.


And when your child consistently shows up every session, develops these skills, everything else falls into place:

Faster 40 times

More playing time

More looks from scouts

​Parents asks you what you’ve done differently this off season

​Spot light is on your child

This is what happens when proper programming takes place + effort.

My goal here is to:


To give that athletic advantage to kids who cant get in the gym.


To help parents properly plan for their football athletes career.


And to help coaches plan for their teams success.


There is no ego here. I just want to see guys happy with there results and express that on the field. That’s my real success.

So parents… I would like to share…





The Football Offseason Performance System


This program runs throughout as early as teams exit the in season (November) all the way to (August).


This program is built no matter what level your child is at.


Whether you’re a starter, bench warmer, a freshman in high school, little league, or park ball this program can take your child game to the next level.


And if your child is available to all possible training sessions, they will not only see improvement on the field, your child will see:


Combine numbers will improve. (40 yard dash / 5-10-5)


More playing time


And their teammates will scratch their heads, wondering how they just one upped them in one off season.


Here’s the caveat though…. Only if your child shows up to the sessions.


I say this because I’ve been training guys to the point where I some show up to all sessions and get max results.


Some show up to some sessions and get half results.


And the last group are guys that come in once a week and get once a week results.


If you child can only make twice a week that’s fine, just let me know so I can assign you on the best days possible for best return on investment.


If your child signs up for 3 days a week and only makes 2 days they can be missing out because of how the program is laid out.


This is what happens in real life as well.


You get what you put in and that’s just how life works.

Here’s what your child gets when they enroll in football performance program

#1 The skill sets



This program will build your child’s game speed, quickness, explosiveness, and reaction timing from the ground up using a science-based approach that has been tested by the football athletes who’ve trained with me. This includes sport-specific agility training, plyometrics to support your quickness and explosiveness, and speed training to enhance that acceleration off the line. I address every physical component your child needs to become a problem on the field.


#2 Detailed Coaching


Throughout the years of coaching, I’ve noticed a ton of athletes always stress that coaches don’t explain what they do, they just tell them what to do. Not me though, I fully demonstrate and explain what, why, and how certain movements translates to the game.


#3 VIDEO demonstrations on stretches and mobilizations

If athletes are in high school they are probably super tight in the hips from sitting in those cramped desks all day. I email your child certain stretches and movements to eliminate that pain in the body and become more fluid on the field. Most athletes cant get into certain positions simply because their muscles are too tight. That’s okay though, all they need is 10-15 minutes per day at home and can perform these movements.




#4 Database testing monthly

Depending on how many athletes I have per session we always get competitive and test speed. This is what separates athletes. Competitiveness. Allthough its strtaight line speed, I see these guys get real talkative and interactive when it comes to testing speed. Its fun and brings a certain dog out of them



$200 a month


With the first session being free to try out.


I’m here to make an impact.


And the only way I can do that is by making resources like this affordable for all.


That’s why I’m not going to charge $500 like most of other coaches are charging.




Like I said, my goal is impact.


And I can’t make an impact if athletes/parents are worried whether a certain program will work for them or not.


So here’s what I’m going to do:


I’m going to let you take The Football Performance System for a 90 Day Test Drive. (3 months)


This way, you can take all the benefits that come with our program, explosiveness, agility, and speed- without any of the risk.


If your child can make the agreed amount of sessions for 90 days, and you aren’t satisfied, pull me aside and notify me about your issues.


Like I said before I’m here to get these guys better.


But I doubt that will happen.


Because my training methods have helped numerous athletes around the city.


Don’t believe me?


Check out what parents/athletes have to say about it.


The choice is yours.


You can have your child keep doing what they’ve always been doing and get the same results as last year and the year before.


You can try to piece everything I’ve said together and make your own program.


Or you can let me take that time and energy off your hands.


Right now, your child has the opportunity to start early while others are still trying to figure things out.


If you ask me, that’s a pretty easy decision if you and your child really wants to make a difference on the field and become a better football athlete.


If you’re still here and interested, sign in below to book a free session and lets get started!

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