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The Baseball Performance Training System To Increase Speed, Quickness, and Explosiveness In Just One Single Off-Season.

Over the past few years, I've noticed baseball scouts, agents, and coaches look for a particular skill in an athlete.

Back in the day, they loved guys who could just send one out of the park.

But that era of baseball is long gone and coming to an end.

In this day and age, the players that get noticed are jack of all trades.

Not just your power home run hitter.

Not just your speedy base stealer.

Not just your field general that covers ground at an elite level.

An elite baseball player has everything.

Parents... As you continue down this page you will learn how your child can increase their:

1) Exit Velocity (MPH of a throw or hit)

2) Base stealing (speed)

3) Fielding (quickness and reaction)

4) Arm strength 

So if you want your child to:

1) Excel beyond their peers in their baseball career

2) Get a scholarship

3) Get noticed by scouts/agents at baseball camps.

4) Or just interested in becoming that all-around athlete

Continue down below on how we are going to accomplish this task.


Before we get started let me introduce myself.

My name is Kenneth Vidato Jr.

For the past 2 years, I have dedicated my life to helping athletes increase their athletic potential and physical development into becoming better athletes.

During that time I've helped athletes increase their speed for

certain sports, go from the bottom 3 to the top 3 fastest on their team, and increase their overall athletic ability and dominance on the field.

In all, I give all the credit to the athletes I've worked with for showing up even when it was one of those days.

Before we get to the main point I want to be extremely clear on what Performance Training is all about.

I do not teach how to hit the ball but rather how to add impactful power when contact is made.

I enhance the skill, for example, our High School baseball athlete Josh has

increased his Exit Velocity from 79-86 MPH in one off-season. This may not seem like a lot but when you stack offseason after offseason eventually you will reach elite-level Exit Velocity.


So you're interested in your child becoming an elite all around baseball player?

If you've ever taken your child to a baseball camp, you ever notice the players

that get chosen first have skills in all areas?

As I've said before, if all your child can do is be great in one area of the

sport of baseball they will be looked over.

The only exception is a powerful hitter who crushes balls to the outfield

and even that isn't 100% guaranteed.

Think about it, would you pick player A who only has powerful hitting or player B who has powerful hitting and elite reaction speed.

Again in order for your child to become the best they must have:

1) Speed (elite base stealing)

2) Arm strength (throw from 0-100)

3) Quickness & Fluidness (elite fielding)

4) Power/Explosiveness (explosive exit velocity)

Heres the great news though! 

Over the past few years we have developed a easy, simple performance training formula for Ages 10+ on improving their athletic potential to becoming that all around elite baseball player.


Our goal is to turn average players into elite players.

Using this formula, we have been able to get athletes more bag steals,

higher exit velocities and their first ever home runs.

There's a reason why scouts come to games and camps

clocking speed and exit velocities.

The reason is because they are looking for that all around

speed, power, and explosive athlete.

The easy part in this is getting your child to show up. 

The hard part is figuring out how to piece this altogether..

which we have already proven to do for you.



The first step we use in our program for majority of baseball

athletes is readjusting balance to their body.

The reason injuries occur is because most athletes skip a

balanced training approach before the season starts.

Think about it, your child plays a whole season

throwing and hitting from one side of the body.

They go into the offseason practicing and maybe some performance training

but don't take the time to balance out pattern overloading that was done all

in season.

Pattern overloading is throwing and hitting from one side of the body.

Of course, the non-dominate side is weaker and if not trained properly your child can increase the risk of injury.

Yes injuries happen, but we have to do our best to prevent them.

By stretching and utilizing mobilization techniques, this can help strengthen and provide balance to both sides of the body.

This will set up your child to start off the offseason healthy and ready to build that speed and power for the next season.

IMG_4366 (1).JPG


By focusing on maximizing force production in training, athletes can carry these traits on to the field.

This is developing athletic strength that will carry over to the field.

A lot of baseball players think that lifting heavy will transfer over.

This will only make them slower on the field. When you lift slow you

body adapts to that movement and you become slow.

There are better methods such as tempo lifting and certain lifts that we

use to enhanced speed and explosiveness that directly carries over to

powerful hitting and arm strength.

For this step we do not own a gym but we do write out an athletic strength program that has worked for our athletes.

All your child needs is a gym membership and follow the form videos which i attach to the program.

All of these lifts are safe, we do not lift weights for ego, we lift for speed and explosiveness. (Ages 14+ ONLY)

For Ages 10-13, we will be enhancing their strength with bodyweight and medicine balls until their bodies are mature enough for weight training.

IMG_3457 (1).JPG

Check out our High School baseball client Josh. At first he struggled to hold a decent sprint position but we cleaned that up with proper sprint training and a strength program to improve his mechanics. Josh reported that he has had more stolen bases during mid-season than last year.

This is why speed training is so important for all ages.

This skill CAN BE TAUGHT.



The next step we do is speed and explosiveness.  Most parents, coaches, and athletes believe speed can't be trained and is purely genetics. Over the past few years in this field that has proven to be false.

 Check out our 10-year-old baseball client Mark's transformation in 1 1/2

 years results. He went from the bottom 3 slowest to the top 3 fastest on his travel baseball team.

Check out our High School baseball client Josh. At first he struggled to hold a decent sprint position but we cleaned that up with proper sprint training and a strength program to improve his mechanics. Apparently he has more stolen bases already by mid season than last year.


This is why speed training is so important for all ages.


This skill CAN BE TAUGHT.

IMG_3457 (1).JPG


Next, we train explosiveness which is done by

performing plyometrics.

Most skip this step simply because they do not

understand how and why it matters to baseball.

Being able to pop off the ground develops explosiveness

with hitting, exit velocities, and speed.

We also use ballistic and complex style training that

increases power development.

This step has to be done properly or else it won't transfer

over to the field.

This step can't be done by looking up videos and trying to piece it all together.

That takes times and as you know time is very limited these days.

Execution and proper planning is absolutely crucial during this step.


The last step is Agility and Reaction training which is putting everything together.

Here we take everything that we've done and throw it into in-game situations.

We do this with drills that increase reaction timing and base running.

In all, this step is where athletes improve their change of direction and quickness for better fielding.

This is what it takes for your child to become that elite all-around baseball athlete.

One skill is not enough to get noticed these days.

Scouts and agents are looking for everything.

If you've made it this far thank you, because it shows how serious you are as a parent.

I'd like to help your child become a better overall baseball player and gain that advantage over other players.

IMG_4332 (1).JPG

This program is designed toned to help baseball players maximize their all-around skills, such as powerful hits, a stronger throwing arm, speed for baserunning, and quickness in fielding.

Again, this program does not work on the skill of baseball but rather enhances it with power.

We don't teach technique we just enhance it.

This program is about making athletes explosive.

When your child works on all of these training modalities everything will increase including:

  • Speed

  • Exit Velocity

  • Quickness

  • Arm Strength

You will see the results during the in-season I PROMISE.

  • Balls that were hit in the field, you'll start to notice them go further and further out.

  • More bag steals than last year.

  • An increase in the fielding you cover on defense.

  • A much stronger arm reaching high exit velocities

This can only be done with dedication and showing up.



Our methods are working for all ages (10+)

“You’ve seen the results from our testimonials and I am 100% certain they will work for your child as well.”

I just need 100% commitment.

And if your child does not see an increase in speed, power, and quickness by the end of the offseason I will hand your money back with a smile and even train them for free until it does increase.

I'm doing this because I've seen what this training does for our athletes and I'm over 100% sure it will work for your child as well.​

With all that being said, now you know what scouts and coaches are looking for.

You know what it takes for your child to become that all-around baseball player.

You can:

1) Forget everything you've read here and continue it your way

2) You can join in, gain that advantage over other parents/players, and get your child noticed for their elite athletic ability.


Down below you can fill out our form and we will get you started ASAP!

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