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My name is Kenneth Vidato Jr. 


My goal as a Sports Performance Coach is to help athletes become the best possible version of themselves. This includes enhancing the athlete's speed and movement. Alot of people think just by practicing a specific skill is all you need... Until you go to a camp, and they ask you a run a 40/60-yard dash, perform a vertical jump or do a 5-10-5 (pro shuttle). And their dreams get shut down because they can't move effectively. Mt goal is to enhance these movements to make the athlete better than the norm. The only way to achieve your goals is by repetition and consistency no matter how boring the task is. Shortcuts DO NOT EXIST. Visualization + Action = Results!

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The Studio

Park Hours and Location


905 W Howze Beach Rd (Fritchie Park)

Slidell, Louisiana

Phone: 504-210-9432



Youth Training Sessions (Speed/Agility) Monday 5 pm

High School Football Training (Speed/Agility) Sessions Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 6 PM

Contact if interested in other time frames.

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